• road transport of above-standard freight
  • inland transport of above-standard freight
  • sea transport of above-standard freight, groupage and container transport
  • harbour services (reloading, storage, forming containers, customs clearance)
  • specialist supervision over the entire logistics process of above-standard transport using modern transport systems
  • obtaining permits for above-standard vehicles all around Europe, in the Ukraine/ Belarus/ Russia/ Georgia/ Caucasus region.
  • the logistics department will help you to obtain permits for above-standard vehicles in practically every corner of Europe and to organise ferry crossings
  • individual approach to every client
  • processional customer service
  • high quality of services
  • Organization of oversized transport and non-standard loads;
  • Organization of special permits for oversized and heavy loads;
  • Pilot and police escort;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Prepared technical reports, including transport route studies in Poland and Europe;
  • Comprehensive company relocation services;
  • International road forwarding;
  • Europe;
  • Russia;
  • CIS countries - in particular Ukraine and Georgia;
  • Asia;

We have signed transport contracts with partners from the Caucasus (Georgia), which allow us to arrange transport of any kind throughout Asia with the preservation and guarantee of all security procedures. Each transport carried out by us is secured by appropriate permits in accordance with the requirements of the country through which it runs.

Every transport we organise is secured with appropriate permits, as required by the countries crossed on the way. All transported loads are also insured within freight up to USD 500,000. Moreover, our many years’ experience allows us to ensure reliable, fast and problem-free execution of all commissioned transport services.

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Presentation of our offer on the website

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