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As a few, we have become significant partners for companies in the Caucasus region, organizing and implementing many projects of translocation of companies within the cooperation of European companies and the Middle East, in particular in Georgia, which allowed us to provide high quality with a guarantee of all security procedures.

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Oversized transport includes both construction, agricultural and rail vehicles as well as specialist vehicles, aircraft, yachts, boats, as well as elements of installation and construction. Every oversized transport is performed with the highest standards.

Our offer of oversized transport
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The load is characterized by non-standard physical specificity. Dimensions of such loads, technical parameters, characteristics or transport conditions require specialized equipment as well as transport techniques adapted to the cargo of extraordinary weight or size.

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Oversized transport

The company offers transport of oversized goods on national and international roads. Each order is carried out with the highest standards.


International forwarding

We carry out transports thanks to our own rolling stock and our highly qualified subcontractors on the European market.


Permits, pilotage, logistics

We organize permits for the passage of oversized goods as well as their pilotage and logistics. Bring transport to professionals and do not worry about formalities!



Do you want to transport goods by sea? The company provides a comprehensive logistics offer - including customs, terminal and port services.


SPT sp. z o. o.

provides full service in the transport of cargo:


Comprehensive services

Transportation of specialist cargo

Specialist transport is distinguished by the need for an individual approach at every stage of transport and logistics services. SPT Doliński i Burlikowska offers you reliable and comprehensive assistance in the organization of domestic and international transport of oversized, long, bulky and heavy goods.

Transportation of heavy cargo

Heavy transport, i.e. transport of loads with exceptionally large mass, can be quite a challenge. In exceptional situations, it is worth taking advantage of the offer of a company dealing in heavy transport. Choosing the right vehicle for the size of the transported goods is very important, thanks to which we are sure that the cargo will reach the place quickly and safely.

Transportation of oversized cargo

Non-normative transport is the transport of items whose weight exceeds the permissible standards. Individual vehicles with atypical dimensions must be classified in the appropriate category. There are seven of them and each of them contains precise guidelines as to the transported cargo in non-normative transport.


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